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I'm curious to know what did child birth feel like to you ?

I got plenty of horror stories about child birth to the point I'm afraid of being a mother. (No, seriously)

So I was hoping to read some beautiful stories about your experience and how you felt afterwards ?

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5/8/2015 7:43:30 PMchat adolescent rencontre Giving birth 

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My labors were 4 hours and 2 1/2 hours. No pain killers. It reminded me of the worst cramps you could ever have, multiple it by 10, then increase the frequency and duration till baby is born. After that instantly pain is gone. No big deal.

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I had four kids and honestly if i didnt get tubs tide and younger...i would probably have another.
Its pain that you forget the minute you look at that babies face.
No pain killers yes its like bad menstrual cramps ..
..last child was c-section and ill take natural birth over the c-section.

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Pushing my baby out was like a really huge bowel movement. My labor was horrid and many years later I haven't forgotten a thing. Each woman is different and can experience surprises during labor and delivery no matter how well prepared you think you are. That's what happened to me. But after 36 long hours, when my beautiful, healthy 8 pound 1 ounce baby girl slid out...pure joy and love like I never felt before or since.

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Have you ever seen the Bill Cosby skit where he compares giving birth to pulling your bottom lip over your head? Well that's inaccurate! It's actually worse! I've had 2 children and was in labor with one for 17 hrs and the other for 11 hrs. Although I remember every torturous moment, the rewards far outweighed the pain!

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The birth of a baby is nothing, if your prepared for the work,and the love you give a child.Labor is hours.Parenting is a life time.

I went in to labor Oct 31,had our son Nov 2,3:07 PM. All back labor,worth all the pain,and has 29 yrs of joy as a parent.

A baby is for the strong,and the loving.The pain is nothing giving life.The lost of a child is far worse.

I have 29 yrs and counting my blessings.

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Well my sisters had children and they told me labor lasted many hours. My mother had a child in her 30's and ended up getting something called pre-clampsia and had her baby premature due to the risks.

I don't want children so I don't think I will have to deal with any horrors or what not.

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I have just one child and unfortunately I was forced to have a c section because of my lupus.

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1st labor was the ruffest/longest.. Active Labor 6am 6/21 til am 6/22
Followed by post-pardom depression 18months

2nd almost killed both of us (most painful).. LARGE baby, Many tears. Took 40min

3rd was trying (back labor).. 3/4hrs (Baby didn't want to move, I refused allowing midwive to reach in and turn his head)

4th was fastest and easiest .. 10min

5th was quick but harder (my body was tired) -15 min

EACH labor is a dance ur body has to learn the steps to..
When U become a mother embrace ur strength! Remember labor pain is THE ONLY pain in life that's productive. No other pain yields any results.
Each child will be as different as ur labors.. Ur heart will always find room to love them no matter what their differences may be..
Ur experience will be much like the women in ur family (as far as pain/complications go.. Listen to their stories).

The love, pride & power of a child's presence in ur life iz PRICELESS!

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My 1st always felt like flutterz in my belly..
My 2nd could roll over to his belly 4/6 hrs after birth..
My 3rd would push his legs out so far and strong that we could see the shape of the foot and had shoes that fit perfect at birth..
My 4th was the EASIEST most perfect infant, smiled at the sound of my voice within seconds of taking air..
My 5th couldn't handle not being by my side even for a moment

All the boys slept through the night since birth, girl was a challenge

Breastfeeding all of them made me a true worrior!

Do ur best.. 4give urself often.. Remember above all, Children grow up to do as the see not what their told.

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It will be fine. Many women said that it is the kind of pain that you will forget. Women have been giving birth since the dawn on time, the beginning of time. They lived through it to tell the tale.

Some of my girlfriends have their kids at 49 years old. It's better to have them in your 30's & the latest by 40, but sometimes u can't control your personal circumstances, like the guy left you, & etc...

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The first birth ...... in all honestly was not nearly as bad as I heard. I did have a saddle block but I was already dilated and read to go (while in the Dr. office) so in reality I didn't need it but I was young and dumb and didn't realize it and went to the hospital AFTER he gave me something to slow me down.

The second one was a little more difficult but again had a saddle block and was good to go.

You don't HAVE to do it all natural.

My daughter followed in my footsteps ....... had 5 babies and I think only two were delivered by Dr. they came that quick and several without pain meds.

It's worth it !!!

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During my pregnancy my stomach felt uncomfortable. My daughter was born a month or so early & fast.

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If having a child of your own isn't in your cards, there are plenty of wonderful babies seeking adoption. It can be just as rewarding.

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Cute pic, Dixie!

I can only speak of having a miscarriage (2). My friend that has a child (grown) had a miscarriage as well. She said it was worse than delivering her son. My 2nd miscarriage was horrendous. 72 hours of hard labor (contractions every 3-4 minutes) & then a dry birth in my bedroom at home. I blame the doctors. They were rude & harsh. The conversation went something like, "Oh well, there's no heartbeat. Go home & wait for it to pass." I paced non-stop. I squatted. I stretched. I pushed. (but never shed a tear) My husband kept calling the doctors & they wouldn't do a damn thing.
THIS is how people without health insurance get treated. THIS is what pisses me off about the republicants & them being so hell bent about reversing "Obama Care". At least HE cares. They act like it should be some damn privledge for people to be treated like a human being. According to "them", we DON'T have the right to be treated equal. Yet it costs more for every single American for other Americans to be uninsured. Wake the F up!!!

Good luck OP. I hope all of your dreams come true & someday you get a little bundle of joy!!!

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Quote from dixie_dancer:
If having a child of your own isn't in your cards, there are plenty of wonderful babies seeking adoption. It can be just as rewarding.

And no wanting kids...your own or also an option.

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I think the worst thing for me was having a medio lateral episiotomy with my first child birth.
Having the baby didn't hurt as much as afterwards.I remember carrying a pillow around with me for over a month...also many warm salts baths.

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I forgot to mention my first was 7 pd 6 oz.
I think most women are different when it comes to giving birth.I know women coming through it quickly with a lot less pain. Staying active in preparing your body for the event, isn't a bad idea either.

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op enjoy your life.

You look too young to give birth.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy

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I've only had one and was in labor 2 days. Most was back pain and what felt like cramps until the last about 6 hours. That was agony and I was exhausted not having slept, which probably made it worse.

Best thing that ever happened to me

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After the epidural set in, it was a breeze. Once the baby's here, you really don't think about it. If you do, you know it was worth it. Giving birth pales in comparison to being a mom. It can be thankless and extremely rewarding. The part you should really prepare for is everything that comes AFTER the birth.

12/16/2015 3:05:15 site de rencontre Giving birth 
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It felt like death

12/26/2015 7:47:13 PMdating femmes la teste de buch Giving birth 
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Childbirth labor is the most indescribable and wonderful experience a woman can ever experience in her lifetime.

Each person is different, as is each childbirth born to the same woman.

It cannot be described. It must be experienced.

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The woman's body is designed to release chemicals in her brain to make her forget the intensity of the pain once the baby is born.

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Quote from dixie_dancer:
If having a child of your own isn't in your cards, there are plenty of wonderful babies seeking adoption. It can be just as rewarding.
I agree.

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Never experienced. Natural child birth Gladly. ,I guess. It just would depend on a woman's health and body..