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I had a date with a guy I met on here. His profile said he was 5'6",61 yo. Interest r reading,movies,long walks, ect.
When I met him he turned out to be 5' and he was 69. He sat down and started talking about Armageddon, Aliens, magic carpets,Sex,and politics, he also let me know how much money he brought with him to spend on the date. When the date was over I thanked him for dinner (which he didnt have to pay for because they got my order wrong twice so they gave me my meal for free) when leaving he hugged me and tried to bite my neck.Anybody ever experienced anything like this? Strangest date I ever had.

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no I can't imagine having a date like that, I know there's no second date

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Skype is your friend.

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Quote from frappeyes:
Skype is your friend.


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OP, it happened to me too. Met a man online, he is white. He said he is 5 feet 7, 45 years old.

I've met him in person, he is only 5 feet 4, he looks 20 years older than 45 years old. He has ugly bad teeth, brown teeth smoker's teeth like he has not brush his teeth in years. White men over 40 usually have bad teeth, ugly teeth anyway. I don't mind short guys, but I mind that he was lying.

I've said to him, hey, you are not 5 feet 7. He said he was afraid I wouldn't come out to meet him if he said he was only 5 feet 4. I told him I don't mind being with a short guy. I mind if the guy lied to me. I blocked his number after the first date, so he can't contact me anymore. I've met him at starbucks, so he doesn't know where I live. This happened 2 years ago when I was still dating. I am married now.

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Yep, I have to wonder how some people learn how to use a computer. I was set up on a blind date by a friend of mine - or at least I thought she was a friend. The guy was mad because I refused to pick him up and when we met, he said I had to entertain him because he was bored. I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him. My "friend" gave him my number and he called me to tell me how much of a wh*re I was along with other unsavory comments. I am thankful I did not put myself in a position to be alone with him, but I am sorry for the strain it put on what I had thought was a friendship.

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