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10/1/2012 10:40:27 AMkjj rencontre I finally met My Better Half 
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On Thursday,September 27,2012 I got a response from Staytite who send me a rose and to let me know that he would love to get to know me better and which I responded back to him and gave him my cellphone number even though I was off by one number he gave me his cellphone number which I called him that night and left him a message telling him to call me when he had a chance and the following morning I got a phone call from Staytite and we talked throughout the day and I felt so great about our conversation and it was that great that on Saturday I deactivated my account and let him know he is a keeper. I finally met my better half and we both are very happy.

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Ive online dated before and it ended in disaster. So I thought ill give it one more go. AND IM SO HAPPY I DID! I met skyler on here and im so happy she anwsered my message. We talked and met up. At first ill admit I didn't think it would work out Bc she didn't seem all that interested in me. But time passed and im so happy that she gave me that chance. It worked out so well and were in a commited relationship. Im so happy this website gave me the opertunity to meet her. I really care about her so much and more than anyone ive ever dated. Thank you datehookup.

10/4/2012 9:48:20 AMannonces google rencontres I finally met My Better Half 

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it took 2 days to know he's your forever love?

way too desperate

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LMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! So desperate...give yourself some time to actually know the person and see if they are a best fit with your lifestyle and the goals (if they match yours)...this is lust NOT love!!!! you need to set your standards very high so if you fall short, the outcome would be as bad as if you were to set them low...lmao
Good luck1

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Quote from jade_a_bop:
it took 2 days to know he's your forever love?

way too desperate


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Wow and wow