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Day 1 11/14/2012 2:00 pm: Created my account and I started sending out messages. I was just on here to chat with girls on my level but all I really found were the usual girls. Just wanna party kick and not take life serious as usual. 2:16 pm I sent a messages to this one girl she wanted to here something original. So I put something together sent it and she didn't respond right away. 5:00 pm So I didn't have my picture posted yet so I decided to add it.I put my pic on there and messaged her again around 8:04 pm. Then I got her attention with a different question and because of the picture. 9:20 pm she responded that it was alot to take in. Boom I knew I got her attention because it was original. This is what I sent her initially: Hi miss I know I'm far away but I gotta question 4ya. Just a response 2ya originality vale ma: If I meet u half way will u meet me half way. If I wanna make sure u ok and I'm always calln and ask if u r ok will u push me away? Will u smile in my face and lie behind that smile? So I've always wanted a real honest and tru girl so who are u true or false? Also my 3 keys ina real tru relatioinship is communication, trust and tlc(sex). Ifya mess up 1 of those that's wen that bickern and arguing come and the it's pretty much ova. Hava nice day mama.
11:03 pm: So we started having a good message conversation, talking about video games, songs and life. Then she started getting comfortable with me and she said if I would like texting.
11:57 pm: Then she gave me her number I texted her but it didn't go through. I was like she is just playing me for a dummy and gave me a wrong number purposely.
Day 2 11/15/2012 12:04 am: She messaged me again saying she gave me the wrong number by one digit. Boom I messaged her and she responded, so I told her I was tired that I would text her later. I needed to go to sleep to get ready for school, when I was in school in the am. I texted her and I didn't get a response until around 8:00 pm. We were texting back and forth for like three hours. We were conversation about life and things in general, she was getting my attention because of her sense of humor. Told I had to go because I needed to get my sleep for school.
Day 3 11/16/2012 11:00 am: I texted her in class asking how she slept and her day was going. We were texting back and forth throughout the day. We were texting about everything and their mother. The snowball was getting bigger with our conversation, so around 10:00 pm she told me to call her. I was nervous and told her ladies first lol because I was hella nervous. She called me and we started to speak alot more about everything. We were talking about us and how we are as people in a relationship. We talked until 2:00 am 11/17/2012. This is crazy how I met a hella cool girl on my level every which way ona website. Every girl on the streets they could never answers my questions correctly. Without having to think about it for a minute or have excuse in their answers. So Datehookup I thank you for letting meet a wonderful person and now I'm going to get to learn more about her because of you guys. So big ups high 5 low 5 to this website. Hopefully the other's on here find whom they are seeking. Have a good day and be safe chou chou.

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