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They came from all walks of life: the wilderness matron, the single daughters, societies elite; to become patriots of the American Revolutionary War.

Women, feeling unprotected if they remained at home when their male family member went off to fight for freedom of their country would follow. These women were known as 'camp followers'.

These wives, mothers and daughters engaged in assisting the armies with cooking, tending the sick and injured, sewing, and fighting the enemy.

In 1777 General George Washington recruited these women doe military service.

Offering to pay them 24 cents a day and a full food ration many of these women became military nurses. Matron nurses were assigned a supervisors and were paid 50 cents a day.

These military nurses were responsible for many medical inventions: the good chair (wheelchair), hot water bottles, food warmers.

Women assumed the male dominated positions of military men and became cooks, seamstresses and maids.

While women were not permitted to join the military many often did, changing their appearance, donning men's clothing, they fought alongside their compatriots. If their charade was discovered they were arrested and imprisoned.

The '355' was a group of women called The Culper Spy Ring. These women served as a valuable weapon for obtaining tactical information against the enemy, passing secret correspondence between commands, hiding and feeding patriots from encroaching Loyalists.

Every one of these brave women are lauded for their patriotism: these Daughters of Liberty.

Salute to a true Revolutionary War Heroine

During the Battle of Fort Washington in November of 1776, Margaret Corbin was with her husband on the battlefield when he was suddenly killed.

Since his cannon was then unmanned, Margaret Corbin took his place and continued firing until she was wounded herself.

The colonists lost that battle and Corbin was captured but was later released.

Corbin became the first woman to earn a pension for her service in the Revolutionary War.

The legend of Molly Pitcher is believed to have been based on Corbin.

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